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    This webpage offers the candidates of the 2017 municipal elections the possibility to sign a pledge to widely promote equality. Behind the campaign are several NGO’s. The texts found on the webpages by candidates are their own expressed views, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the organizations and parties taking part in the Syrjimätön Suomi campaign.

    The webpages are governed by Seta Ry Pirkanmaa, and moderated by Koodinikkari.
    Pirkanmaan Seta ry

    Questions regarding changes, technical support etc. can be sent to riku@koodinikkari.fi

    What is meant by equality?

    In an equal society, everyone has the chance to get an education, to work and receive various kinds of services like social- and healthcare services. Details regarding the person themselves cannot be an obstruction to this right.

    The laws on equality and parity were renewed in 2015

    The parliament approved the changes to the Act on Equality and the Non-discrimination Act on the 16th of December 2014. The change in legislation came to effect at the start of 2015.

    After the law came into effect the position of ombudsman for minorities was replaced with the non-discrimination ombudsman. The ombudsman oversees the prohibition on discrimination based on for example age, ethnicity, sexual orientation and disability. On the part of working life, the prohibition on discrimination is also overseen by work protection authorities (regional state administrative agencies).

    The discrimination tribunal and the equality tribunal were combined into the non-discrimination and equality tribunal. The prohibition on discrimination based on gender and the promoting of equality between genders is set in the Act on Equality, on the equality between men and women. The renewed Act expanded the prohibition on discrimination to also include discrimination based on gender identity and gender. The law obliges the authorities, parties organizing training and employees to also to take preventative measures to ensure that no harassment or discrimination takes place.